Four years of studies regarding education Title IV programs, pertinent information supplied to the Chairman of the US Senate Permanent Sub-Committee On Investigations. Corrective action taken by that committee resulted in changes to the Higher Education Act.

Eleven years of independent studies concerning deception, unlawful monopolistic practices in the rare coin and currency industry, currently trying to have legislation drafted to regulate the rare coin and currency industry to help protect the consumer from unfair practices and deception of coin and currency grading.

Fourteen years of independent studies regarding credit reporting agencies and their compliance to Federal regulation.

Lobbied for an educational task force to require state and/or federal regulators to conduct unannounced on-site inspections of accredited facilities to assure compliance to accreditation standards and/or their licensing requirements since those institutions reap billions in educational funding i.e. pell grants and other loan programs.

Lobbied for federal law changes in the banking industry in 1986 and 1987 when our Savings & Loan failures were costing the taxpayers billions of dollars due mostly to fraud. Also conducted a review of the Resolution Trust Corporation (the bail out agency) the oversight arm responsible for taking over the failed savings and loans and their disposal of assets of those failed thrifts.

Participated in lobbying the legislative branch for law changes and new bill proposals for accountablity by those who provide consumer services and products.

Testified at several sub-committee hearings, also before various state legislature committee hearings and before the National Advisory Board in Washington DC.

Active participation in investigational studies regarding banking, educational, accreditation, credit, insurance and consumer industries.

Independent studies regarding intelligence gathering for public safety. Information provided to responsible law enforcement agency.

Providing Independent Intelligence to various government agencies related to consumer services and product testing for consumer safety.