Credit Report Correction

With just one click of your mouse you can start turning your negative credit into a thing of the past. Let USPI help you restore your good credit and even increase your credit appeal. If you have been the victim of identity theft then you even have more of a reason to contact use.

With USPI helping restore your (pursuant to Fair Credit Reporting Act) credit for you, it will be your turn to enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind.

To get started there is a one time fee of $325.00, this charge is for us to obtain your credit reports from the three (3) major credit bureaus and two (2) attempts with the credit bureaus to restore your credit. If required we will write directly to the creditor to help resolve negative reporting of information.USPI, will contact you by phone to review highlighted negative items on your credit report. During this initial consultation our professional staff will review negative items of concern on your credit report and develop a plan to address these items, thereby helping to restore your good credit. At any time during this process, you’ll be able to check on our progress by sending us an email inquiry or by telephone.

Service fees may be paid either by check or money order. USPI warrants that if you do not receive significant results some or all of your service fees will be refunded. All efforts by our staff will be to acheive results for you.