Identity Theft and Fraud Recovery

Identity theft has become an epidemic, and can go on for years before being detected. Fraud inquiries regarding theft of social security numbers have soared from less than 12,000 in the year 1992 to more than 750,000 cases to date and growing daily.

Individuals whose identities are stolen suffer in several ways – the least of which is their ruined credit ratings. Some have lost their jobs and been passed over for promotions; some spend considerable time and money attempting to erase fraudulent charges, and some innocent people have actually incurred criminal charges created by their imposters. Jail time has even been the fate of some.

USPI can assist you in taking the appropriate steps to take to protect yourself and/or your business. If you suspect that you are a victim already we can assist to help eliminate the frustrations that can result in the theft of your identity.

USPI can handle all aspects of this fraud, help you regain your identity and enable you to move on with your life without frivolous information popping up on you.

Has your identity been stolen? We can find out for you if someone else is using your identity.

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